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IREP2017 DAY 3: The Intersections of the Nigerian Experience

IREP2017 DAY 3: The Intersections of the Nigerian Experience

The excitement that followed the ongoing IREP Festival has been extremely delightful. The screenings have been tenacious, the discussions have been phenomenal and the interviews that took place have been engaging. The film screenings which took place yesterday were that of Lyombe Eko’s Elephant People: An African Secret Society and Globalization. This was followed by Jihan El Tahir’s Behind the Rainbow. Of the two it was Behind the Rainbow that resonated with the audiences’ as well as the organizers’ postcolonial desires.

Other works screened were documentaries based on environmental issues and problems associated with the survival of downtrodden masses in Northen and South Nigeria. Power of Change: The Energy Rebellion by Carl A. Fechner and Nowhere to Run: Nigeria’s Climate Crisis by Dan MaCain. The second one being extremely popular because its theme deals majorly with the people of the Niger Delta, and the quagmire associated with the oil spillage, the destruction of farmlands due to this spillage, and the non challant attitude of the muti-nationals to the plight of the people. A unique exploration particularly was in the film titled Nowhere to Run: Nigeria’s Climate Crisis, as environmental issues in Nigeria often does not get the attention it requires.
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A few others that were screened are: The Valuable Waste by Adesoji Adeyemi Adeloju, In our Ghetto by Macrus Hed and Green Passport in a Rainbow Nation by Ronke Macaulay. A Round Table discussion also held at the Psuedo Theatre. It was in the form of an interactive session between professional discussants and, major and up-coming producers in Nigeria. Featuring veterans and international professions in the field like Barbel Mauch, an international film producer, Marcus Schmidt German filmmaker, Mobi Yaya, Jian El Tahir-a prominent guest filmmaker. They gave diverse insights to the audince about the challenges and dead ends associated with producing and, also expressed the good and advantages of mutual collaborations. The interactive dialogue was moderated by the President of ITPAN Mr. Yinka Oduniyi.

The festival day transitioned into a music festival that is held monthly called Afropolitan Vibes. The concert that featured artists such as new artist Tomi Thomas, Adekunle Gold and legendary Majek Fashek. The crowd was vibrant, merging together the festival energy with those at the concert which took place at the same venue: Freedom Park. Freedom Park is a unique venue where history, culture and entertainment collide into one experience and for this reason has always been the home venue to host the iREP Documentary Film Festival.

Tunde Onikoyi
iREP Media Team


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