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About iREP Film Forum

[subtitle] Welcome to iREP International Documentary Film Forum [/subtitle]

The Conceptual framework of iREPRESENT Documentary Film Forum is AFRICA IN SELF-CONVERSATION; and it is designed

irep-YTto promote awareness about the power of documentary format to serve as a means of deepening and sharing social and cultural

education as well as encouraging participatory democracy in our societies.

iREP is conceptualized to create platform of awareness and expression for aspiring and practicing filmmakers who are creating socially relevant documentary films to positively impact our world.

To fully engage an array of trans-cultural creativity, iREP will provide a forum for everyone’s ingenuity to be showcased without prejudice to style or subject.

iREP celebrates the ever expanding world of documentary films by inviting talents from across the globe to share ideas on trends and technological advancements in the format.




The West African Documentary Film forum is an outfit dedicated to the production, post production, archiving and distribution of documentary films. The forum seeks to encourage the emergence of new voices in documentary filmmaking and new scholarships on the medium

The Real LIFE FILM FESTIVAL held yearly in Accra Ghana is a brainchild of the forum, whose membership is drawn from around the world. The WADFF is coordinated by Ms. Lydie http://laparkan.com/buy-vardenafil/ Diakhate and Prof. Awam Amkpa as co-founders and Directors of the Real-Life Film Festival.


About 150 documentary filmmakers from across Africa came together in October 2001 at the People-2-People Documentary Conference held in Johannesburg, South Africa, and decided it was “time for African filmmakers to do things for themselves”.

A joint resolution that emerged after the three-day conference created a new organization, Documentary Network Africa (DNA), and the participating filmmakers agreed “to work together to create a network and process to empower both our own storytelling and each other”.

“This will be by Africans, for Africans, and with Africans,” the DNA statement said.

The vision of Documentary Network Africa is “to promote the importance of African documentary in the genre, and to use this to promote our view of Africa”

DNA’s goals include:

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  • sharing and building resources for African filmmakers
  • promoting the role of documentary in social change
  • making African documentaries more accessible
  • supporting young, emerging filmmakers and a diversity of voices
  • breaking down the imagined boundaries that have divided Africa for years
  • promoting the telling of African stories by Africans themselves
  • being accountable and transparent to their audiences and subjects


“Africa is now in dialogue with itself, and we have a new optimism about our own future,” the DNA statement said.