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IREP2017 Film Review – Footprints: The British Council Archive Project.

Footprints is a documentary about Nigeria’s colonial past that comes in form a good number of episodes recording the pre-independent . It reveals the various moments of the = period of the country, as well as other African countries like Ghana, Sierra Leone and others. The themes however dealt with Nigeria, her existing warfare, evolving […]

#iREP2017 Film Review: Egypt’s Modern Pharoahs

Egypt’s Modern Pharoahs. Jihan El. Tahir.Director. 173mins In Egypt’s Modern Pharaohs Tahir chronicles, using the leadership styles of four prominent leaders who were crucial to the rise of Egypt’s nationhood shortly after independence from imperial powers. In three distinctive parts or episodes the documentary focuses on the individual visions and objectives of General Mohammed Naguid, […]

IREP2017 Film Review: Nowhere to Run – Nigeria’s Climate and Environmental Crisis

Nowhere to Run – Nigeria’s Climate and Environmental Crisis Dan McCain 54 Mins. The director, Dan McCain puts together this very informative, educative and thought provoking documentary about Nigeria’s climate change and the environmental crisis in relation to the population increase. The fifty-four-minute film teaches us about the effects of a growing population on our […]

IREP2017 DAY 3: The Intersections of the Nigerian Experience

The excitement that followed the ongoing IREP Festival has been extremely delightful. The screenings have been tenacious, the discussions have been phenomenal and the interviews that took place have been engaging. The film screenings which took place yesterday were that of Lyombe Eko’s Elephant People: An African Secret Society and Globalization. This was followed by […]

IREP2017 Film Review: Behind The Rainbow

Behind The Rainbow Jihan El-Tahri 124 Mins. In the wake of an Independent South Africa, the African National Congress (ANC); the country’s foremost partisan political organisation is set to nominate the first democratically elected president. The one who is first to be considered for this leadership position is Mr. Oliver Tambo because of his courageous […]

IREP2017 Film Review: Green Passport in a Rainbow Nation

Green Passport in a Rainbow Nation Robke Macauley 30 mins. The short film is a welcome detour in the wake of recent xenophobic attacks on foreigners, particularly Nigerians living in South-Africa. With its backdrop as Ubuntu, a term in South-Africa that means ‘humanity’, the documentary investigates the implications of being a Nigerian (Green Passport) living […]


The reputation of Jihan El-Tahri the foremost female Eygypian documentary filmmaker is a rare one. Her tenacity and painstaking attitude and elan towards her art is phenomenal. The in-conversation was much anticipated by the audience, and on the heels of the screening of her significant documentary, Behind the Rainbow. The documentary examines the transition of […]

IREP2017 Film Review: Brooklyn to Benin

Brooklyn to Benin Regina Romain 8 Mins. Brooklyn to Benin is a mixed media project on the survival of spiritual African traditional and religious practices throughout the diaspora. In this documentary, Regina Romain takes us into the basement temples of Brooklyn to the annual Voodou festivals in Benin. We visit Dahomey, Salou and Ouidah to […]

IREP2017 Film Review – Cuba: An African Odyssey

Cuba: An African Odyssey Jihan El-Tahri 120 Mins. It is a common saying that’ he who does not know where the rain beats him cannot tell where his cloth dries’. Same can be said of Africa, the second largest continent in the world, with an estimated population of over 4 billion people still grapple with […]