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The inaugural edition of the iREPRESENT International Documentary Film Festival held in January 2011 at Tera-Kulture Lagos, since then, the festival has grown to become a key feature on the culture calendar of Lagos state; annually improving on its activities and events which have endeared it to many filmmakers across the World. Since its inception, iREP has built on its key features of film screening, discussions, training, and networking. 
Film Screening

In 2011, iREP film festival screened a little over 20 films. Subsequently, the festival has screened over 350 films from top documentary filmmakers in Nigeria and across the World. Films selected for the iREP Film Festival are international films representing the best new works relevant to our theme of Africa-in-Self-Conversation. Selection is co-curated by African World Documentary Film Festival and AGDOK, and through an open call to the global society of documentary filmmakers.  We specifically look out for films that speak to the living experiences of Africans, and issues related to the African in the global space. 
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Keynote Presentations and Panel Discussions are important parts of the festival programming. Over the years, iREP has attracted some of the most brilliants minds in visual arts to speak at the festival, this includes Professor Manthia Diawara, Jane Mote, Jihan El Tahir, Professor Awam Amkpa, Professor Niyi Coker, Wehinmi Atigbi, Emeka Mba, Sandra Obiago, and many more.
Beyond keynotes and panel discussion, there is also "In-Conversation". This brings a leader of thought in filmmaking or film theory in conversation with the community of filmmakers present at the festival, it is an in-depth interaction that goes beyond the top-down approach of paper presentations.

Training and Workshops

Through the iREP Training and workshop platform, we have been able to train over 200 young and upcoming filmmakers in the rudiments of filmmaking and understanding of the documentary film art. The goal of the training is to introduce more young filmmakers in Nigeria to the art of documentary films and to increase their interest in the art form. Some of the participants in our workshops have gone on to make their own films with some of them winning awards.

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Producers Round Table

The Producer's Round Table has come to be known for insightful discussions that are solution driven and engage producers in a pro-active prognosis into the opportunities that can grow impact of the documentary film genre. This is usually an idea exchange opportunity that filmmakers look forward to and it also provides a ground for international collaboration and co-production.


The iREP cocktail is our way of welcoming our international guests to the festival, but more importantly, it serves as a platform for networking for all the participating filmmakers. In recent time, we have also used this platform to honour deserving individuals who have made distinguished contribution to the growth of documentary film in Nigeria.