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Film Review – THE DEMOCRATS.100 mins; Zimbabwe.

The phrase, “Tell the leaders to let his Children go, One day the land will be free” is reminiscent of the Biblical story of the Israelites voyage from the Land of the Egypt to their divinely appointed destiny-nation. For the people of Zimbabwe, their yearning for change and dynamic leadership seeks to answer the question “When will we ever be free?  A classical bit that focuses on the struggle for genuine democracy that will benefit the whole population. The carnage of the thirty- three years monotonic social system characterised by impunity and drudgery has called out for a formidable opposition party led by the Morgan Tsvangirai MDC T. The incumbent leader, Robert Mugabe of ZANU PF and his team of supporters will have to prove to the world through a referendum by the CONSTITUTIONAL PLANNING COMMITTEE (COPAC) that they were worthy of remaining at the helm of Affairs. The dramatic film through the debates and contentions faced by the citizens in an era of a people-oriented political framework will be. Mongwama, who was a Communication minister will be representing the ruling party ZANU PF as Chairman of COPAC and Mvonzora, a lawyer, activist and juggernaut will be representing the opposition, MDC T as Co-Chairman of COPAC in writing in gold, the future of the country. Constant political interference by the ruling class has conflicted with the process of the creation of a genuine constitution draft for two years. From the rural to urban areas, outreaches were organised, some were peaceful and others were disorderly leading to the loss of lives and properties. Against all odds, the constitution was re-drawn into a more stable and effective document for the populations. Sequel to the whirls of subversion and coercion that daily confronts the African socio-political scene, this is a bold step in achieving the long-sought freedom through objective reportage and articulate recording of past and present events without fear or favour of any sort. The scenes captured the essence of reality of the political events in Zimbabwe. Babatunde Odubanwo IREP Media Team