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IREP2017 Film Review: Mali Blues

Mali Blues Lutz Gregor 90 Minutes Mali Blues, a music themed documentary depicts the history of Music Revolution in Mali. The documentary takes us on a voyage through Timbuktu to Bamako to Kidal, as we follow the lives of runaway musicians who moved between Europe and Mali; who come together to educate citizens on the “de-secularization”, through Music. Its starts off with a concert in a swampy area with over five thousand Malians enjoying music from Fatoumata Diawara, Bassekou Kouyate, Galedou Master Soumy, Ahmed Ag Kaedi and a few others. On this voyage, we are led to the personal lives of these musicians and how they started: Ahmed Ag Kaedi from Kidal, in his white turban, talks about why he left his beloved desert as he prepares tea beer from his little kettle. He exchanged the gun for the guitar. The Afrocentric Fatoumata Diawara gets back to Mali to educate the women against unhealthy customs, like Female Genital Mutilation and getting young girls back to school. Through her music, she Africanizes the world. Galedou Master Soummy tours the prison and home for rapping against the religion he felt was destroying Mali. He went on and on with “Explain your Islam” Through the different stories of these characters, this film brings you on an intimate journey with Malian Music and brings you closer to people who have used it to inspire their different paths forward. Imoh Eboh iREP 2017 Media Team