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IREP2017 Film Review: Nowhere to Run – Nigeria’s Climate and Environmental Crisis

Nowhere to Run – Nigeria’s Climate and Environmental Crisis Dan McCain 54 Mins. The director, Dan McCain puts together this very informative, educative and thought provoking documentary about Nigeria’s climate change and the environmental crisis in relation to the population increase.
The fifty-four-minute film teaches us about the effects of a growing population on our natural resources and the environment. He uses images throughout the film to give audiences a visual experience of the jarring effects of an increased population on the environment. Using interview clips from different environmentalists sharing their views on the diverse effects of climate change and how we can help ourselves.
Desertification is ravaging the north, no rain, no water, no food, natural resources are depleting and as a result tensions run high and the cycle of violence begins. In the south increasing sea levels is driving people out of their homes. Gas flaring is poisoning the atmosphere, and oil spillage is destroying water life. Climate changes are made worse by the destruction of our environment and pollution of our atmosphere and to make matters more challenging. The rapidly rising population is putting a strain on the natural resources, also worsened by inefficient systems of energy and water usage, garbage disposal and exhaust usage.
The amount of gas flared on a daily basis in the south can power the entire nation. In this documentary, Dan McCain extensively shows the effects and results of population increase, desertification, erosion, increasing sea levels, disappearing trees, loose soil, gas flaring and ways we can manage this growing epidemic, ways we can make things better for all of us. We are not apart from nature, we are one with nature. Tasha Sarumi iREP Media Team