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IREP2017 Film Review: Spell Reel

Spell Reel Filipa Cesar 95 Mins. Since the start, no film (arguably) better reiterates the theme of this year’s edition of the festival in bare minimum; Archiving! The 97 minute long documentary directed by Filipa Cesar, takes us through the affects of a digitized protean research work that started in 2010 with collaborations from Sana na N’hada and Flora Gomes along with other contributors. From narratives about the fight for independence in Guinea-Bissau between 1963 to 1974, to images of the decaying audio and visual samples of abandoned archived of tapes of actual events, Spell Reel raises issues on the importance of archiving a people’s story; a people’s history because “we are gradually losing sight of who we are”. The filmmakers travel to the places where the raw footages have been shot and from where they originate and this invokes a fresh set of conversations and debate. Spell Reel captures an ‘archival’ example and serves as a reminder audiences of the use of the archives in the present. Eseosa Eguamwense iREP Media Team