Cuba in Africa

Directed by: Negash Abdurahman Country of Origin: United States. Runtime: 21:56. Director Biography: The dramatic untold story of 420,000 Cubans– soldiers and teachers, doctors and nurses– who gave everything to end colonial rule and apartheid in Southern Africa.

Murder in Paris

Directed by: Enver Samuel Country of Origin: South Africa Runtime: 01:28:00 Synopsis: Murder in Paris is a political crime thriller doccie that traces the motives for the assassination of anti-Apartheid activist, Dulcie September. The story travels from the heart of Paris in March 1988 to the pursuit of justice in 2021.

Mending a Crack in the Sky

Directed by: Roble Issa, Zach Jama Country of Origin: Canada Runtime: 8:53 Synopsis: Shamso Mohamoud and Shamso Elmi both lost their sons to violence and watched their alleged killers walk free without so much as a legal prosecution. Now, the two Somali-Canadian mothers have organized a group 'Mending a Crack in the Sky' to collectively combat gun violence and hardship while facing cultural and racial barriers.

Absolutely Must Go

Directed by: S. Jean-Noël Pierre Country of Origin: Luxembourg Runtime: 01:13:00 Synopsis: The story of a forgotten people. The story of a people deleted from the world map. The story of a deported people. Uprooted. From 1967 to 1973, in the midst of the Cold War, the Bancoult family and nearly 2,000 other Chagossians were taken from their archipelago, in the Indian Ocean, by Great Britain and the United States. The latter set up one of their most important military bases on the main island, Diego Garcia. It is from Diego Garcia that the B52s leave for the Middle East. The control of the Asian countries is carried out from Diego Garcia. Uprooted, but not resigned, Rita Bancoult, the matriarch, and her children Olivier, Ivo and Mimose have chosen to fight against this injustice and the drama that is affecting their people. This is their story.


Directed by: William Feagins, Jr. Country of Origin: United States Runtime: 30:00 Synopsis: 'SHEROD' is a story about finding oneself and starting over. In this short documentary, Sherod 'Sha Stimuli' Williams discusses his journey of self discovery from hiphop artist to husband and father while navigating the business side of music, relationships and love.

Africa and I

Directed by: Othmane Zolati, Chris Green Country of Origin: South Africa Runtime: 01:29:00 Synopsis: When Othmane Zolati left his Moroccan home in El Jadida at 20, he’d never known anything else. He dreamed of reaching the southernmost tip of Africa. He faced deserts, armed conflicts, malaria, breakdowns, arrests and hunger, in order to travel, explore, adventure, learn, bond and grow. 1398 days and 24 countries later, he returns home, a changed man.


Directed by: Tania Doumbe Fines Country of Origin: Canada Runtime: 8:59 Synopsis: An introspection on the notion of fear in Afro-descendant communities; is it palpable? How to face it? Perhaps knowing oneself, one another, knowing our heritage and environment, would enrich the deepening, coexistence and advancement of all.

Mrs. F

Directed by: Chris van der Vorm Country of Origin: Netherlands Runtime: 01:17:00 Synopsis: In the fishing village of Makoko, the largest slum on water in Nigeria, Mrs F. wants to unite women and perform the play called 'Hear Word'; a women empowerment project about gender inequality based on true stories to get women out of their oppressed position, to convince them to speak up and encourage them to connect. But even before she can start, she must overcome the unruly gatekeepers of patriarchy and religion.

Golden Fish, African Fish

Directed by: Thomas Grand, Moussa Diop Country of Origin: Senegal Runtime: 01:00:00 Synopsis: The Casamance region in the South of Senegal is one of the last area of traditional fishing in West Africa. Facing the growing menace of industrial fishing companies and overcoming very harsh working conditions, the fishermen of Casamance contribute to the food supply (ou food safety) of many African countries. But for how long?

On the Road

Directed by: Misheck Chiza Banda Country of Origin: Zambia Runtime: 00:09:22 Synopsis: Female women truck drivers are making a name for themselves in a country that still struggles with embracing women in male-dominated sectors.

I Won’t Kneel

Directed by: Hilda Awori Country of Origin: Uganda Runtime: 00:12:00 Synopsis: The considerable difference in how the girl-child and the boy-child are raised in many African homes is largely attributed to patriarchy. This documentary film explores the logic behind Patriarchy through the lens of a cultural practice that is women and girls kneeling down while greeting other members of the society- a treasured custom among my people- the Japadhola of Eastern Uganda.

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