iREP film festival is known, amongst other things, for constantly taking on sociorealistic issues affecting Africa. The overarching framework of the festival is to engage Africans in self-conversations that can bring about a better understanding of the African situation and possibly find solutions to them. This year, the festival will curate discourses around the issue of Change as a concept and an African reality, with a view to understanding how Africans are responding to this ongoing reality. The theme of the 2016 festival is #CHANGE – Documentary Film as Agent Provocateur. The theme is premised on the whirlwind of complex issues confronting us today on many fronts that challenge our understanding of the world, of ourselves and how we sustain our pursuit of Peace and Prosperity. Poverty, Epidemics, Terrorism, Civil wars, Racial inequalities, Economic imbalances, Imperialism, Corruption and Political divisions – these challenges are urgent and critical. They demand a response. In a world of Sound-bites, documentaries provide an opportunity to think, understand, and connect the dots. Documentary films are exploring the issues of our time, offering perspective, historical context and possibilities.  They are controversial, divisive, fascinating, unexpected, and surprising. Documentary is not a deliberate art form. It starts from questions not answers. Its success relies not in having all the answers, but in asking the right questions. Speaking to this theme are internationally respected thought leaders like Prof. Manthia Diawara, Prof. Niyi Coker, Jean Mote, Steven Markovitz, Andy Jones, and many more.