Sine Plambech, the director of the film,  old this story using interview clips of Becky and re-enacted videos of her story. Becky lived in Benin city with her partner, her parents and three siblings  also lived in Benin. It is almost a norm for young ladies in Benin city to aspire to travel to Italy in search of ‘greener pastures’ and Becky was one of those aspiring ladies. In her course to travel out, she was swindled. She comes to find out out that the money she paid to procure her travelling documents had gone down the drain when the official at the airport told her the documents were fake, luckily she was not arrested. Or maybe it was just God trying to dissuade her from following through with her plan. After her first attempt failed, she decided to take another route. Through the great sea to Libya, then cross from Libya to Italy. She started making preparations to go abroad, sponsored by a certain nameless woman in Italy. Make no mistake, these girls know exactly what it is they are going to do in Italy. It is not any legal or respectable job. They know what they are in for, and going over there means going to become a sex worker. Their journey by road to Libya started out fine, but that did not last for long.  On the 10th day, they ran out of food, the same day a young man travelling with them died. No longer sure of what the road held for them, they’re spirits were defeated, pleading to be taken back to Nigeria. Going back was not an option however. They finally got to Libya and had to remain there for about two months, there was fighting in Libya and it was a dangerous time so they could not cross. Finally they headed back to Nigeria after months of suffering, hunger and uncertainty for what the future held for them. On their way back to Nigeria, her pregnant friend Maureen, who was with them went into labour. She delivered her baby but did not survive. All of these events give viewers a vivid picture of the reality of our women who believe the government and their economy has failed them. Now they are left to cater for themselves and their families, and if they cannot do that in Nigeria, they are prepared to go through harsh conditions to go abroad – sell their bodies, make money and come back home. The honesty in this documentary is touching, as Becky made it clear that she would not stop trying to find her way abroad. The only options seems to try again. TASHA SARUMI    IREP Media Team